Why You Should Partner with a Doctor-Focused DSO

Sep 10, 2020 | Dental Support Organization

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Why You Should Partner with a Doctor-Focused DSO

The key to long-term financial success in any practice is first having your foundational operations in order. This is especially true for service-based organizations and is also why a Dental Support Organization (DSOs) can be the answer for many dental practices searching for a way to grow their practice. DSOs provide non-clinical support enabling dentists to focus more on the patient and less on the paperwork.

Essentially, Oakpoint assists dentists in separating the clinical from the clerical, letting them concentrate on practicing the art of dentistry without the distractions and burden of running a practice. This translates to better quality patient care and outcomes.

Oakpoint is a North Carolina-based, Doctor-Owned group dedicated to serving a network of practices across the Southeast region. “We are uniquely positioned to provide deeper levels of support to our affiliated practices, dentists, and local communities in a responsive manner,” said Mick Janness, CEO of Oakpoint. “Our incredible team combines clinical expertise with business acumen, giving our partner practices the foundation for profitable growth.”

Our model offers significant benefits to dentists who own practices. Having support with payroll, accounting, collections, marketing, operations management, and more, gives doctors more freedom as well as a better work/life balance. When partnering with Oakpoint, there’s no name change on the door, no disruption of staff, and no changes in clinical protocols, just solid administrative support to make the practice more efficient and effective.

“We are not a one-size-fits all type of company,” said Mick Janness, “We know that each office has different needs, pain points, and strengths, and we tailor our support to give you exactly what you want and need.”

On a national average, most dentists in a group setting earn a higher salary than dentists in a private practice setting. Having access to state-of-the-art technology is also one of the more enticing perks of joining a group.

By centralizing your non-clinical administrative support functions, you achieve economies of scale and will often get the benefit of volume-based discounts. “Our partners receive better pricing on supplies and equipment than if they were to remain solo practitioners,” Janness added. “So, you not only lower your overhead with a DSO, you also increase your reimbursement rates by negotiating with private payers based on volume.”

“We meet you exactly where you are,” added Janness. “Whether you are at the very starting point or if you’re halfway there, we will take you to the finish line with our personalized support and attention.

Open and transparent communication, training, and evaluations are all large components of our process.” Oakpoint is doctor-centric at its core, providing deep levels of support within key functional areas.“We are a support-based model, not a command and control focused organization,” he said. “We are extremely results-oriented and not only have accurate ways to measure success, we can also see at a glance exactly where we need to make ongoing adjustments and improvements to reach our joint goals.”

A dental support group is something that every dental professional should consider carefully either when they are just going into dentistry, or towards the latter part of their careers to plan for a successful retirement.

“Our supported dentists and orthodontists know our guarantee: We will never make a decision without you and your team being taken into consideration,” added Janness. “We live by that commitment and it shows across all of our partnerships.”