Employee Spotlight: Susanne Moyer

Feb 3, 2021 | Company Culture, Dental Support Organization

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Susanne Moyer, VP of Operations


Susanne Moyer joined Oakpoint bringing years of analytical, business, and management experience, with 12 of those years focused specifically in the dental field. In her previous position, she led a team of office managers in seven dental offices with over 200 employees and 16 doctors.

“During the last 13 years of my career, I have enjoyed being in the dental industry,” said Susanne Moyer. “I began as an orthodontic manager and later became a regional manager for a large general dentistry group. From this experience I have learned that a positive attitude, compassion for people and respect for listening first, will take me far in life and business.”

With a “patients first” motto, Susanne delivers exceptional leadership and support to teams of office managers. “It’s an exciting time to be in dentistry. At Oakpoint, we’re focused on improving the lives of dentists, their teams, and patients,” she said. “We provide affiliated dental practices with proven non-clinical business support services so that doctors can spend more of their time focused on delivering exceptional patient care.”

“Susanne has the ability to connect quickly with people. She possesses a high degree of self-awareness that allows her to instinctively assess and make recommendations,” said Oakpoint CEO Mick Janness. “She also cares deeply about helping others solve perceived challenges and provides the latitude for individual members of the team to maximize their ability.”   

“I chose Oakpoint for its exceptional culture and entrepreneurial leadership. We work smarter, not harder here,” said Moyer. “On a large scale, I want to have a positive impact to help doctors, teams, and patients have the best experiences possible in dentistry.”     

Before entering the dental industry, Susanne’s professional career began as a fashion buyer for 88 department stores in seven states. “As a corporate buyer I learned valuable skills such has how to effectively negotiate, communicate, and analyze multi-operational business performance, growth, and systems,” she said. “Since then, I have been able to adapt those skills and philosophies into other businesses with great success.”

As VP of Operations, Susanne has found tremendous success for Oakpoint partners by focusing on executing numerous operational tasks in each dental practice with the goal of enhancing practice level performance and growth.  “I provide oversight and support to practice level managers and maintain regular communication with affiliated doctors and office staff to review practice trends and performance objectives,” she added. “I have always believed that what is measured will improve, so I analyze previous office performances in key areas and develop goals based on reaching an attainable stretch.”

After agreeing upon goals with the office, Susanne then reviews and implements recommendations of operational processes and initiatives for improvements. It’s common knowledge among her colleagues that KPI could be Susanne’s middle name as she thrives on directing strategic plans, driving initiatives, and achieving results…all with a smile on her face. 

“Susanne drives decision making with data analysis,” added Mick Janness. “She’s a bona fide data junkie and leverages the power of data to drive strategic decision making.”   

As a DSO (dental support organization), Oakpoint supports functions including human resources, recruiting, marketing, procurement, payables management, accounting, operations and finance. “Growth comes from expanding to new opportunities as well as same office growth,” said Susanne.  

“Susanne has the uncanny ability in knowing what operational lever to pull and in what order,” added Janness. “This is incredibly unique in the field of dentistry due to the sheer volume of stakeholders involved in decision making.”

According to her coworkers, Susanne is never the first to take credit for a win. She’s a team player through and through. She is thrilled to be a part of this company and everyone enjoys working with her.

“This is the best team I have ever worked with!” said Susanne. “Not even Covid could stop our ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ Zoom holiday party which included Christmas trivia, Zoom background contest and scavenger hunt. What a fun and creative team!  We think outside of the box, challenge, and support each other every day.”       

When Susanne isn’t busy improving dental practices all over North and South Carolina, she enjoys podcast listening, reading, and travel. Climbing the Sydney Bridge in Australia was one of her favorite adventures.

Her personal motto is: Be the reason someone smiles today!  And she usually is!