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At Oakpoint, we work with you to promote the growth of your practice, while keeping quality patient care at the center. Our support services are provided by a team passionate about creating premier dental care providers, and we’re excited to work together.

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What You Can Expect with Our Partnership

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Maintain Ownership

Thoughtfully crafted ownership structure providing financial security with long range upside. Each affiliated practice maintains ownership.

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Maintain Clinical Control

We trust the expertise of our dental partners. We keep you in charge of all clinical decisions, knowing your treatment and diagnosis hold the best interests of patients. We will never waiver from this position.

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We are not “command and control”. We also don’t manage dental practices – we support practices. In essence, you have the clinical decision-making authority you desire in the areas that matter most to you along with the support of a true partner focused on your best interests.

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Peace of Mind

By removing the stresses of practice support, we help provide clarity to your day and you can trust you’re receiving the advanced tools and technology you need to propel your practice forward. At Oakpoint, we enable you to have a more enjoyable work environment.

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Long-Term Success

Our services have the long-term health and growth of your practice in mind. From employee retention and empowerment to the fiscal health of your practice, our support services build forceful companies in dental care.

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Pathway to Partnership

If dental practice ownership is one of your career goals, Oakpoint can help you navigate what can be a complicated endeavor. Given the high level of student debt, DSO-supported practices provide a pathway to partnership. Oakpoint is structured to provide our dentists and specialists support to pursue their dreams at any stage of their careers.

Hear From Our Doctors

They really stand by their motto of doctor’s first mentality. They go above and beyond to help you grow what you already have.

– Dr. Kevin Neshat, DDS, MD

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